Is "Free Shipping" really free?

Posted by Glenn McKenney on Nov 15th 2019

Is "Free Shipping" really free?

That is a great question!! As much I would love to see free shipping, the shipping cost has to be put into the cost somewhere. That is why, we at The Merchant Mart, have listed some of our most popular paper sizes both ways free shipping and pay as you go shipping. By offering both ways, we feel it puts the control in the customers hands to determine which is the cheaper way to buy their products. 

     We usually find that the more quantity that is purchased savings can be substantial by just paying for your shipping instead of getting "free" shipping. The Merchant Mart passes the discounts, that we receive from UPS and USPS on to our customers. Being a small business ourselves, we realize that small businesses have to watch their bottom lines.

    When an eCommerce site that offers you "free shipping", all we ask is just check to make sure your getting the best deal for your dollar. 

 We are always here to help you through your Point of Sale needs, if you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call.