Is your Vx 520 printing dark enough?

We were receiving numerous complaints about the print quality on the Verifone Vx 520 and we knew it wasn't the terminal or the paper quality, we are not saying that paper quality won't effect your print outs but with our paper we only carry paper with the highest standards. We were determined to find the answer and today we received the answer and it is an easy fix. Below are the instructions on how to accomplish it:


Do your merchants want the print darker on the VX 520? Well, here’s how to implement this…….


While paper plays a huge factor in the quality of print, users can adjust the print hue by setting a parameter. The *DARK parameter controls the contrast of the output to the printer. This parameter should be added to GID 1 config.sys either in the Vericentre download template or through Edit Parameters in system mode directly on the terminal. The optimal value for *DARK is 5.


If setting the parameter in your Vericentre download template, it should be included with the VMAC parameters in GID 1.


If setting the parameter in config.sys within the o/s of the terminal, follow the steps below:

1. In system mode, choose (1) Edit Parameters

2. Press Enter to select Group 1

3. Enter the Group 1 password

4. Press Enter at “File: CONFIG.SYS”

5. Press (1) to add a New Parameter

6. Enter the name of the parameters (*DARK) and press Enter

7. Enter the value which should be 5 for optimal output and

press Enter

8. Press the red Cancel button to return to the Verix Terminal

MGR menu

9. Select (3) for Restart

Did you know the Vx520 can use the 70' thermal paper roll
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